Hakeem Nicks: “My Career Counts” On Me Being Healthy This Season


Hakeem Nicks is set to begin the most important season of his football career.

Nicks is looking for a huge payday, and is aware of the fact that he needs to ball out this season.  The injured wide receiver told ESPN New York that this season is important for him, and “his career counts on him being healthy.”

“It’s important,” Nicks said at a commercial shoot for New Era Caps. “My career counts on it, this season counts on it. The offense, just being what I am to the team, I think it is going to make a big difference.”

“This is a critical season for me,” said Nicks, who has politely declined to discuss his contract with reporters. “I just look at it like I am going out here to play ball. Stay healthy, change my diet a little bit, those are things that I am focused on. I just want to have fun and win every game if we can. That is the main focus.”

A healthy Nicks is critical for the Giants as well as Victor Cruz’s productivity.