Heat To Limit Dwyane Wade’s Minutes

dwyane wade limited minutes


It’s a bitter fact to face, but the Miami Heat will have to make some kind of decision on how to deal with Dwyane Wade’s minutes, in conjuction with his health.

Wade’s knees are a growing concern for the Heat, who still have six more rings to win if they plan on living up on Lebron’s pledge back in 2010. The pink elephant in the room has been Dwyane Wade and his contributions, ever since ‘the Big 3’ have joined forces his production year by year has slipped gradually. Now it’s time for the Heat to make some moves.

Ira Winderman for the South Florida Sun Sentinel discussed the Heat’s difficult decision:

Q: What’s your take with Dwayne Wade’s recurring health issues and why isn’t anything being discussed or done in the offseason? — Luis, Miami.

A: If you think the Heat medical, training and coaching staffs aren’t coming up with a course of action for next season, you’re fooling yourself. Plenty is being discussed this offseason to make sure that Dwyane’s health doesn’t create doubts with the rest of the roster (as 2014 free agency looms). Will Dwyane embrace sitting out the second nights of back-to-backs or even a set number of games? I doubt it. And it would be a difficult spot to put Erik Spoelstra in, having him issue such edicts. Ultimately, I think it becomes a Pat Riley issue, with Riley to establish a course of action through consultation with Wade and the coaching staff.

Even with slightly down numbers Wade is still a force to be reckoned with on the court and is a major part of the Heat, so how does one simply limit his playing time?

Surely though, the health of Wade should be the primary focus. Sad to say he isn’t exactly aging gracefully, how the Heat tackle the issue will go on to affect the future of the team.


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