Husky Rays Fan Causes Game Delay (Video)

rays fan phone flash


In case you’re wondering, her shirt reads “I’m too kinky to relax”

A bizarre incident held up Thursday’s Rays vs Angels game, when this husky fan with behind home plate seats had to be told by umpires to turn off her phone due to the flash.

Apparently the players found the flash distracting…sure…yeah, it was the phone distracting them…yeah.



4 thoughts on “Husky Rays Fan Causes Game Delay (Video)

  • Hi to the wonderful journalist that called me just gave me the chance to get Lupus awareness out there. I take a whole bunch of meds including steroids that have blown me up. And my disease still is not under control. So I was very happy and enjoyed the game and taking pictures of the players.that was my very first rays game.first live any game so I was excited. So I would like to thankyou for making this husky rays fan bring awareness to Lupus.Have a blessed day

  • And then they wonder, “what is happening to this world”, and blame it on the kids. I bet the guy that wrote that insensitive remark was a “grown up.” Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease with no cure, just lots of meds, including steroids, to help the symptoms. I pray someday people will not be ignorant to LUPUS but also not be ignorant to other peoples feelings. That so called journalist should send that Rays Fan two free tickets to another Rays game!!!!

  • Ashely, as you are the author and I am the reader, I would appreciate a little more couth and respect from you while reading your articles (or this maybe your one and only). You could have easily written your article without referring to her as “husky.” It was rude and very unbecoming not only as a journalist, but a lady. I’m assuming it is your picture that is shown on this page and I coud easily make some comments about you but I won’t because I’ve had the pleasure of learning to be a respectful professional. It is people like you that send multiple people to talk to me (I’m a therapist). Please be aware of how you categorize others because one day, the same word you used, maybe used to refer to you!

  • Margo and Tara, you both have been much too kind in calling Ashley a journalist. In lil Ashley’s own words, she is a “certified gansta and pretentious polyglot”. Any woman who would label herself ‘gangsta’ and ‘pretentious’ (i.e. exaggerated, hollow, fake) in the same breath could be expected to make the comments that were written about the Rays fan.

    When I read her comment, my first thought was to ignore her and walk away from the ignorance. I could not resist. Ashley is no journalist. She is just a blogger who claims to have a love of sports and chooses her words poorly. To Ashley’s credit, she is multi-lingual, so we can be assured that she has can choose her words poorly in multiple languages. Ashley has a right to her opinion and can utilize social media to spread that opinion to those that wish to follow her.

    To Lashawn, you owe no man, woman, or Ashley an explanation of your being. Your personal health situation is no one’s business. Sure, we could use this as an opportunity for promoting LUPUS awareness, but somehow, I do not think that this blogger would be able to empathize with the situation. I say you take the lemons and make lemonade.

    Have you thought about making an auto-tuned song to capatilize on the moment? Perhaps create a hot pink t-shirt that reads, “I’ll Flash You Too”!! (I will order 5 of them!)

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