If Alex Rodriguez Does Get Lifetime Ban, Rangers Still Have To Pay Him $40 Million

rangers owe arod 40 million



This has to be the definition of ‘stay winning’.

If in the event Alex Rodriguez is banned for life by Major League Baseball, he will not leave the game a poor man. The Rangers still owe him $40 million dollars, plus interest…ban or no ban, via CBS Sports:

The club still owes the three-time Most Valuable Player approximately $40 million in deferred moneyfrom the initial contract that A-Rod signed in 2000, according to the newspaper. That figure will eventually grow to almost $50 million.

The Rangers will pay the 38-year-old from 2016-2025, according to the Dallas Morning News.

While the Yankees can rejoice in saving $100 million, the Rangers are still going to be ruing the day they made that astronomic $252 million bid. Sad day indeed.

No wonder Arod is kicking his feet up at starbucks….