J.R. Smith Says Despite Nets’ Offseason Moves, Knicks Own New York


J.R. Smith is somewhere taking the red dye out of his hair, after probably receiving a scolding from Knicks head coach Mike Woodson, and being told to fix his hair.

Smith is recovering from knee surgery, but has still been watching the Brooklyn Nets from afar.  Smith was asked about the Nets hiring Jason Kidd, and acquiring two superstars from Boston.

Smith spoke at his charity golf event on Thursday, and told The New York Post that even with the Celtics acquiring Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett, the Knicks are “still the team of New York.’

J.R. Smith, in his first remarks of the offseason and since left-knee surgery, still “hopes’’ to play opening night and claimed the Knicks are still the team of New York – no matter what the Brooklyn Nets did this summer.

“It’s an unbelievable move for JKidd to have a team like that to start off his first year,’’ Smith said at his charity golf tournament in Lakewood, N.J. “They have a great chance to compete for a title. But we’re still the marquee team in New York. A lot of people are counting us out just like last year . We have a lot to prove. We ‘ll come out with a lot of edge and hopefully put it to positive use on the court.’

Smith is right, but only by default.  The Knicks are New York royalty because of years of ingrained tradition.  The Nets could never actually own New York, but winning a title in 2013 would definitely be a start towards sharing the city.