Jason Garrett Doesn’t Want Romo to Be Judged on Wins and Losses

Tony Romo, Jason Garrett

This is the National Football League.

When you are the quarterback of a NFL team, you are going to get the majority of praise when they win and blame when they lose. That is life, so the Cowboys need to stop babying Tony Romo.

He is the quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys, so of course he is going to be judged by wins and losses. I am sure if they Cowboys went 14-2 every year, no one would have a problem with him getting the praise, so don’t be hypocrites and try to protect him when the team has mediocre years.

Garrett was asked in an interview on SportsCenter about Romo’s 1-6 record as a starter in “win or go home” games, and Garrett answered that the record is a reflection on the entire team, not just the quarterback.

“I think teams win ‘win or go home’ games. I think teams win playoff games. I think teams win championships,” Garrett said. “Certainly the quarterback has a big role in having a really good football team, a championship football team. Tony’s done a great job helping us get into some of those games, helping us get an opportunity to win the division, to go to the playoffs, and sometimes it hasn’t worked out for our football team.”

That’s partly true, but the part that Garrett is leaving out is there have been opportunities for Romo to make plays to win those games and he has come up short. Key turnovers and bad decisions have led to the Cowboys demised.

It is a team game, but when you are the quarterback, you can’t just accept the love when things are going well and run when things don’t go your way.