Jeanie Buss Says Kobe Should Be a Laker for Life


As long as Kobe takes a reasonable pay cut on his next contract, he is going to retire a Laker. Now, if he is asking for $30 million a year, that might make things a little more dicey, but I don’t think anyone wants to see Kobe playing for the Wizards, so I imagine it will get done.

“I want Kobe to take the time that he needs to get healthy,” Buss said Thursday in a radio interview with ESPNLA 710. “I don’t want to see him come back any sooner than when he’s ready, and I know he’ll know when that is. There’s no reason for him to do anything that compromises his health.”

 “Kobe is part of the Laker family and he always will be. There’s not many players who play 18-19 years with the same franchise, and it’s important to us that he has a chance to play his entire career with the Lakers.”

Kobe can sign a two year extension before hitting free agency, which might be best for both parties, so there aren’t any questions lingering about his future.