Jeff Fisher: Rams ‘Haven’t Shown’ How They’ll Use Tavon Austin


If you let Jeff Fisher tell it, the St. Louis Rams have big plans for rookie wide receiver Tavon Austin.

What Fisher won’t do, is tell you what exactly the Rams have in store for Austin.  While talking to Jim Rome, Fisher stated that the “Rams haven’t shown what they really plan to do.”

We have a pretty good idea [how we’ll use him] but we haven’t shown it,” Fisher said. “He’s not had a lot of production, per se, in the preseason only because it makes sense to hold those type of things for the regular season.”

Fisher loves his new toy, so he’s been apprehensive about really showing the role Austin will play.  Fisher is extremely pleased about what Austin means to Sam Bradford.

“The quarterbacks are going to be as good as the people you surround them with. In Sam’s case this is the first year, early in his career, where he’s in the same offensive system two years in a row,” Fisher said. “Last year was his third system. He takes off, he comes back in the offseason program, there’s familiarity … he’s much more ahead right now. We feel like we surrounded him with better people.”