Jeremy Lin says Dwight Howard “Really Likes to Play Pick-and-Roll”

Jeremy Lin is looking forward to playing with Dwight Howard.

Jeremy Lin started all 82 games last season, averaging 6.1 assists in 32.2 minutes. Rockets star James Harden dominated the ball a lot, but after acquiring Dwight Howard, Lin is looking forward to building chemistry with the 7-time all-star.

Lin spoke with reporters in Beijing.

Lin told reporters on a visit to Beijing that he saw a natural affinity in the pair’s affection for the pick-and-roll game.

“We’re not yet in Houston and haven’t trained together so I don’t know yet,” said the 25-year-old point guard, who was in China to oversee a basketball camp.

“But he really likes to play pick-and-roll and I really like to play pick-and-roll, so I hope we can work really well together and really happily learn how to play with each other,” Lin said.

The presence of Dwight Howard should enhance Jeremy Lin’s game.