Jeremy Lin Says Rockets Coaches “Lost Faith In Him”


Jeremy Lin was supposed to save Houston basketball, instead, he got a big deal and put up smaller numbers.

Lin while speaking to reporters in Taiwan, says that he wants to forget the nightmare that was last season, and that “Rockets coaches lost faith in him.”

“The coaches were losing faith in me; basketball fans were making fun of me. … I was supposed to be joyful and free, but what I experienced was the opposite. I had no joy, and I felt no freedom.”

“The one thing I learned was how empty fame and worldly success really are. … The desire for success never stopped,” Lin said. “If the voice that you listen to the most isn’t God’s voice, then eventually you will experience that emptiness, confusion and misery that I felt when I listened to the voice of Linsanity.”

Lin averaging 13.4 points and 6.1 assists a game, which aren’t terrible numbers, but not what they expected when they signed him to a huge three-year deal.