Jerry Stackhouse Says Lebron James is “Misinformed” about the NBPA


Jerry Stackhouse disagrees with Lebron James’ assessment of the NBA Player’s Union. Stackhouse told CBS Sports that the union “is in a good place” and “moving in the right direction.” James was contemplating running for NBPA president but told ESPN that he had changed his mind because he felt the Union was “going backwards.”

Stackhouse seemed really offended by James’ comments and had this to say about the situation:

“He’s the best player in the game right now and we want the entire league to be involved. But he needs to be informed in speaking on our union business.”

“I don’t think he’s had any dialogue with anybody since the All-Star break, but it is what it is. To make that statement about where we are as a union right now, he was misinformed.”

The NBPA is having its summer meeting August 21st in Las Vegas, and Lebron James is one of many players who won’t be in attendance due to prior obligations. This meeting is where the executives plan to elect the next president so it’s actually a very important. However, it seems that most of the players aren’t too concerned to make it a priority.

It would make sense that if players didn’t think the Union was representative of their needs they would attend this crucial meeting. Instead, the lack of attendance shows an “all talk, no action” stance by many of the NBA’s elite, including James. If something isn’t right, then the clear thing would be to attend the meeting and elect a president that would be a good leader to implement necessary changes.