Jets Decide It’s Time to Move on From Sanchez and Start the Geno Smith Era


A lot of times reporters think they are smarter than they really are.

This isn’t breaking news, this isn’t unexpected and this isn’t a huge scoop. It is simply common sense.

Rex Ryan‘s shotgun wedding with new boss John Idzik may end in divorce in a few months, but the Jets’ Odd Couple agrees that it’s time to kick off the Geno Smith era.

The Daily News has learned that Ryan, Idzik and much of the team’s key decision makers are on board with moving on from Mark Sanchez.

Although speculation centered on Ryan’s desire to cling to Sanchez, sources told the News that Ryan believes that Smith is the better option if healthy.

The only reason Sanchez is on the team is because of his contract.  The day Geno Smith was drafted was the day that Sanchez was destine to be a clipboard holder.

Because the Jets are the Jets, they made it harder than it should have been, but they are going to sink or swim with Geno Smith.