Jets QB Mark Sanchez Responds to Tweet Wishing Him Torn ACL


Coaches everywhere probably go through a daily sigh of disgust that they have to deal with the members of their team on with social media. Players just seem can’t stay away from addicting avenues such as Twitter and Instagram, and Mark Sanchez has apparently fallen victim yet again to the trap of social media.

Yahoo Sports is reporting that Sanchez received a tweet from a disgusted Jets fan wishing him a torn ACL. Now I’m sure lots of players receive nasty tweets all the time, but Sanchez with his infinite wisdom decided to respond with this:


Someone clearly needs to either take Sanchez’s phone away from him or teach him the etiquette of being a high profile athelete. It just doesn’t make any sense for him to be responding to things like this, especially since his focus should be on reaffirming himself as the QB that the Jets need to his teammates, coaches and the fans of New York.

3 thoughts on “Jets QB Mark Sanchez Responds to Tweet Wishing Him Torn ACL

  • I would have replied with alot worse than what Mark did.

  • Mark did better than me because that dude would be called everything but the child of God, I am no Jet fan but, folks get out of pocket on social networking sites. Imagine if dude sent that tweet to Desean Jackson or Roddy White lol.

  • So BSO and this groupie working as a writer bashes Sanchez, but they give Dwight Howard props for ripping a young lady yesterday. Hell atleast Sanchez doesn’t have about 7 kids as Howard does.

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