Jets RB Joe McKnight Was Arrested for Riding Dirty

Joe McKnight

As someone who has ridden dirty before, I won’t judge Joe McKnight, but I am going to assume if you play in the NFL you can pay your parking tickets and afford insurance.

I am little surprised they arrested him for just a couple of outstanding ticket warrants, but they have a quota to meet.

McKnight was initially pulled over in Hanover Township on July 30 around 11am after cops noticed his 2010 Mercedes speeding and changing lanes without signaling.

But during the stop, the officer ran Joe’s plates — and noticed outstanding warrants for his arrest for (1) failing to pay a $200 fine because he didn’t have proof of insurance during a previous incident and (2) failing to pay a $120 fine for a prior routine traffic violation.

Cop probably should have given  him a warning, it isn’t like he had a warrant for a felony, but pay your tickets Joe.