JR Smith Says He’s Done Dating Reality Show & Celebrity Women

Rihanna JR Smith

There use to be a time that athletes would marry the anonymous women and just mess around with the celebs, groupies, Twodels and Reality Show girls.

That still happens from time to time (see Chris Paul or LeBron), but more and more the athletes are more comfortable having a reality show girl as their main lady (see Lamar Odom or Matt Barnes).

Stiletto Jill always says that athletes are sometimes bigger groupies than the girls, especially in this new social media world where it is very easy to get the word out on who you want.

JR Smith has had his share of the celebrity ladies, but he says he has had enough.

Maybe, Rihanna has gotten into his head (she is a black widow), but I just don’t see JR as the type who is going to settle down with a 4th grade teacher, not when there is turning up to do.