Kendrick Perkins Says He’s Working On Offensive Game, Seriously


Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins had one of the worst playoff performances in NBA history from an efficiency standpoint.

Perkins was pretty much an offensive nightmare for the Thunder who continuously tried to get him involved in the offense.

Perkins shot a career low 45.7 percent and his PER of 8.2 was the lowest in the NBA of anyone getting 25 minutes a game or more.

The Thunder were more efficient offensively with Hasheem Thabeet in the lineup.  That stat in itself will force a player to work harder during the off-season.

OKC chose not to amnesty Perkins this offseason, and he’s trying to pay them back by working on his offensive game.  Perkins told the Oklahoman he was getting better offensively.

“I’ve been working, man,” Perkins said. “Been in the gym and basically just working more in the weight room on my explosiveness and touch around the basket, hook shots and stuff like that. I’ve been shooting a lot of jumpers, making sure I make 300 a night. I’m just trying to prepare.”

Oklahoma City can book a trip to the finals if they can get any offensive production out of Perkins.