Kevin Durant Expected to Play in Seattle Pro-Am this Weekend

Kevin Durant gets a chance to play in front of the Seattle fans again.

Kevin Durant is returning to Seattle, well at least for a day. The three-time scoring champion is expected to be the headliner this weekend at the Jamal Crawford Pro-Am.

Durant was drafted as the no.2 overall pick in 2007 by Seattle. He only spent one season there before the franchise moved to Oklahoma City. He won Rookie of the Year.

The four-time NBA All-Star was scheduled to play in Seattle two years ago in a charity event, but it was eventually cancelled.

Jamal Crawford elaborated on Kevin Durant’s desire to play in Seattle again.

“Kevin was going to do it in the past, but one year we had the lockout and last year it just didn’t work out because he was in the Olympics,” Crawford said weeks ago. “He’s always wanted to come back and play in Seattle. It’s just a matter of finding the right time.”

Seattle fans better enjoy Kevin Durant while they can Sunday night.