Kevin Kolb Hurts Knee Slipping on a Rubber Mat at Training Camp


I remember when the Cardinals traded for Kolb, signed him to a franchise QB deal and I said the following.

“When you sign QBs that hasn’t played a lot to franchise QB money, either you hit the lottery or they flame out spectacularly.”

It appears that Kolb will be the latter. He is currently struggling to make the Buffalo Bills roster and this won’t help.

Via multiple reports, Kolb injured himself while walking to a field on Saturday.  Per Mark Gaughan of the Buffalo News, Kolb slipped on a rubber mat while walking from one field to the other.  Via Sal Capaccio, trainers looked at Kolb’s knee.  Per Capaccio, Kolb was “visibly upset” as he headed to the locker room with his pads off.

At least he got paid in Arizona, hope he saved his money because he won’t be in the NFL that much longer.