Khloe Kardashian Takes Series Of Selfie Pics After Lamar Odom’s DUI

odom and khloe


Yesterday news broke about Lamar Odom’s DUI and then yet another car accident he was said to have caused ever before crackhead-gate. 

Odom’s driver’s licence has now been suspended for a year, and the growing concerns over his health and well-being are mounting, so this is the time when a wife is supposed to stand strong beside her husband…unless she’s a Kardashian.

Cause when you’re a Kardashian the limelight seems to take priority above all else. These pictures were posted on Khloe’s instagram in the middle of the DUI  ruckus.

khole kardashian selfie


Makeup on point and everything…oh and then there was this

k kardashian selfie


Aint worried bout nothing.

I think it’s time these two part ways, if only for Lamar’s sanity.