Kobe Bryant Beats Chinese TV Host in Chopstick Game


Kobe Bryant is well known for his competitive spirit. The self-proclaimed Black Mamba never backs down from anything, and he proved it again on his recent trip to China. Bleacher Report has video of Bryant when he  is on TV with famous Chinese television host Sa Beining. Beining decided to challenge Kobe to a game involving scooping up balls from a bowl with chopsticks, and what ensued felt like the pressure of a Game 7 in the NBA Finals.

Clearly Kobe doesn’t care about whether or not he’s playing basketball or playing with chopsticks. Beining obviously expected the Black Mamba to rise to form because he’s purposely being silly throughout the competition. Kobe eventually destroys the TV host at the competition, not once leaving his sight from the balls that were the object of the game.

 Maybe it’s the daily reminder that he wasn’t able to help his team compete for a championship this year that was fueling Kobe throughout this simple task. That look in Kobe’s eyes should be a sign to Lakers fans that Kobe is not playing around with his Achilles injury. Kobe Bryant is on a mission to return for the Lakers season opener.