Kobe Says He Would Have Picked UNC Over Duke To Compete Against Vince Carter


Many people have always wondered where Kobe Bryant would have gone to college had he not went straight to the NBA.

Some think he would have gone to La Salle to stay near Philadelphia, some thought North Carolina, and the favorite was always Duke in the eyes of many.

Kobe has an amazing relationship with Coach K, even to this day.

Bryant recently revealed what school he would have attended, and gave an awesome explanation for why.  Thursday night at the “Kobe Up Close Hosted by Jimmy Kimmel” event in Los Angeles, Kobe revealed he would have actually chosen to be a Tar Heel, for the battles with Vince Carter.

Defying the urban legend that he was Duke-bound, had he gone to college instead of the NBA straight out of high school, Bryant said he was leaning toward North Carolina. “I love [Duke Coach Mike Krzyzewski],” Bryant said. “The truth has to come out.”

Why North Carolina? Vince Carter, a Tar Heel, was one of the top guards in the country at the time. “I want to play against him, every single day,” Bryant said.

I have to wonder if Bryant is trolling us all here, or he’s being sincere.  I personally had the opportunity to witness Bryant dominate Jerry Stackhouse in the summer of 1995, right after Jerry had just finished his rookie season.

Kobe Bryant as a freshman at North Carolina, would have been better than Vince Carter, and Antwan Jamison both.  It definitely makes for great theater though.


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  • kobe bryant straight outta highschool was a brick factory, all he had back then was his athleticism, and im sorry there was not a single player back then more athletic than vince so i don’t think at that stage he would have been better than vince

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