Kobe Says Tracy McGrady Was His Toughest Opponent

Kobe Bryant Tracy McGrady Toughest Opponent

This year Kobe Bryant will be entering his 17th year in the NBA and he has played against some of the all-time greats, but when asked who his toughest opponent was Kobe Bryant didn’t pick Lebron James or Kevin Durant.  Kobe said Tracy McGrady.

“The guy that always gave me the most problems was Tracy McGrady. He had all the skills and all the athleticism, but he was 6’9 and he was very tough to figure out.”

Because of a career plagued with injuries many may forget that for a few seasons the debate between best player in the NBA wasn’t a Kobe/Lebron thing, it was a Kobe/McGrady thing. From 2000-2005 Tracy averaged more than 25 points per game including 2002-2003 where his average was 32.

Although I think even if Lebron was his toughest opponent Kobe would never admit it, it does make one think what type of conversation we would be having if McGrady was able to stay healthy.

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3 thoughts on “Kobe Says Tracy McGrady Was His Toughest Opponent

  • mcgrady was a better player than kobe, had he stayed healthy he would have easily been better, but kobe had better teams so he would still have rings over mcgrady, which for some reason is taken into account when discussing PLAYERS. but mcgrady was better offensively , he was a better passer. but kobe was a better defender though.

  • McGrady was a better player and it’s sad that injury plagued him for the majority of his career. if not for injury, who knows what he would have accomplished. I remember him shutting down Dirk in the playoffs. Dude was a beast and would have been nice to see him against Kobe for 13 years.

  • I think McGrady is the most naturally gifted player to ever play the game. Michael best leader; Lebron most skilled; not sure where Kobe fits because I see him as preoccupied with proving he’s the best. McGrady’s footwork and ability to stay balanced whether driving or shooting jumpers is amazing to watch. I think he read defenses as if he had a Phd in it. Maybe besides Dr. J., I have watched more McGrady highlights than any other player simply because of his natural basketball talent and deadly offensive firepower. He was also a pretty good shot blocker.

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