Lamar Odom Called His Mistress a Groupie Crackhead & Says Narcs are Watching

Ummmmmmm, yeah.

I don’t know if this is real life now with Lamar Odom or a Lifetime movie, either way it is pretty bad.  Here is the latest from TMZ.

We’ve learned on July 13, Khloe confronted Lamar at a downtown L.A. motel, where he was holed up with the woman and doing drugs.  In an effort to save her husband, Khloe practically manhandled him out of the room and back to their home.

Once home … Lamar started texting Polina right in front of Khloe, telling Polina he had “f**ked up.”  Polina responded by saying, “You’re corny.”  Lamar — standing next to his furious wife — then fired his salvo, texting Polina, “Groupie junkie … crack head.”   Lamar went on, “U might want to b careful.  Narcs know.

They have footage, audio n pics.”Polina responded, “Stay in your lane.”  He fired back, “4real  Know where u work  U live  Ur parents.”

Crack, Narcs, Groupies, junkies and etc.  It is just too much.  Please get help Lamar.

Polina Polonsky Lamar Odom 3

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