Leaked LeBron Cheating Texts to Twodel Carmen Ortega Probably Fake (Photos)


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Sometimes we just have to use some common sense.

The “leak” that was sent into Bossip went like this.

Was in Ibiza to see DJ Afrojack and found this chick’s phone at Club Amnesia… Thought you might be interested in these messages from Lebron James. Don’t know her name but here are some photos, she was with Afrojack and Paris Hilton. Think she might be a model or something.

Someone just randomly finds a phone and it just happens to have text messages from a model and LeBron where he is trying to set up a booty call.

Is that possible?  Of course, is it likely?  Probably not.  What I believed happened is the model who has been linked to Reggie Bush in the past and has done plenty of attention whoring in her life, probably just made up the texts and had someone send them to Bossip to try to make it looks like LeBron is extra thirsty.

Never can say anything with 100% certainty, but I have been doing this long enough to know a Twodel scam with I see one.

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