LeBron James Allegedly With Mistress During Bachelor Party Weekend

LeBron James Mistress

LeBron James seems to have understated how large of a spotlight he is under during his latest Facebook rant. Yesterday a woman, who just so happened to be at the same party as LeBron in Toronto, took to his fiance Savannah’s Instagram to “warn her” about LeBron’s sneaky ways.

lebron Mistress Instagram 1Let’s take a step back for a second and assess the situation. Common sense says that a woman that doesn’t know LeBron or Savannah personally has no business playing “hero” in this situation.

Every instance in which a woman is trying to expose an athlete comes off as desperate and as a reach for their 15 seconds of fame.

This woman provides no details of LBJ’s conversations with this alleged mistress and can provide no pictures of inappropriate contact. Are we really at the point where a man can’t have a platonic relationship with a woman? The mistress in question, Apple J, is from Miami and may just be a familiar acquaintance. The extremely popular OVOfest took place this past weekend and many people flocked to the Toronto area to enjoy the performances.

Why couldn’t it just be that James was there to support his friend Drake, ran into a woman with a familiar face from Miami, and invited her to party in their general vicinity?

The helpful woman goes on to defend her reasoning for contacting Savannah via Instagram:

LeBron James Mistress Instagram 2

So, it’s safe to assume this woman is a professional at observing body language because she’s picked up all of these cues from outside of LBJ’s private area. She then contradicts herself by saying that they made everyone put away all phones but a girl was able to still take a pic…How did that girl snap the photo from her phone? Why couldn’t she simply take out her phone and take off the flash? Even a blurry/dark pic of LeBron close to a woman would suffice. Read More of her defense after people began questioning her story:

LeBron James Mistress Instagram 3

She seems to now be emotionally invested in Savannah’s relationship and feels the need to protect Savannah from LeBron…How sweet.

LeBron James Mistress Instagram 4

It’s now a FACT according to @MrsLondonroe.  Being at a hotel in the same city as an athlete and possibly being in the vicinity of a party now makes everything said a fact.

Not to mention she finishes the post by saying,”Info she can use to her advantage.” In what way is she going to use this to her advantage? Is she supposed to call of her wedding because a stranger, with no visual proof, says that her husband brushed up against a familiar women?

Listen I’m not here to say what LeBron is or isn’t doing. Let’s face it, this is the NBA and ballers cheat…They do. I’m just questioning the validity of some of these accusations that hit the web and the audacity of some of these people. Everyone now wants to be a journalist or “source.”

LeBron and Savannah will surely handle this situation with class and  private like they handle everything else in their lives. We here at BSO will bring you more details as the story unfolds.

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  • I wouldn’t put any faith in this woman’s claim. Even if it’s true (seriously doubt it) the future Mrs. James is still winning, where that chick was just a piece of azz that was quickly disgarded.

  • “behind clothes doors” WTF….

  • This sounds like someone out to destroy someone’s relationship.if it is true or not.its NO ones place to step in and just call someone out like Kobe did Shaq.oh,my bad for bringing up old shit.

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