LeBron James Motivated By Rival Teams’ Offseason Moves


Despite playing in three straight NBA Finals, and having a huge wedding to prepare for, LeBron James got back to work early, in preparation for the 2013 NBA season.

If it’s not pulling tractors, or lifting weights, James is working, and chasing a three peat.

James says he was motivated by the moves made around the NBA during the offseason, and he’s prepared to defend his team‘s back-to-back titles.

“I’ve been back in the gym for a few weeks now, going at it,” James said. “I’ve seen what so many teams have done to get better. I’ve seen the moves that we’ve made, so I’ve got to do my part.”

James of course still thinks he’s getting better, and now is motivated by rivals loading up to take a run at the Heat.  Hello Brooklyn?