LeBron Vents On Facebook About Being In The Spotlight


LeBron James is a star recognized globally, so it should be no surprise to him that he can’t go anywhere without being recognized.

it appears that James must have an enjoyable evening interrupted by fan or thrill seekers, because he took to Facebook to vent about it.

Man it’s hard to go out and have a good time these days! It’s cool though, it’s part of my life. Wouldn’t change anything (just saying). Been in the spotlight since I was 15. Sometimes u just wanna STOP!! But I refuse cause I have a commitment to the youth to inspire them!! That will keep me pushing forward and focused alone.

James may have just had a bad experience or something, but he’s been in the spotlight since he was 15, and rarely displays emotion towards it.

James of course got frustrated last week when he had to tell people who were partying in the same establishment to put their phones away, and have a good time.