Lions Willie Young Taunts Tom Brady


Willie Young Tom Brady

Unlike others I don’t have a problem with it.

It is the preseason. and it is the Lions, they probably shouldn’t taunt anyone, but Tom Brady is not a GOD, you can get up in his face even if you have only 25 tackles in four seasons.

The refs were weak throwing a flag on this.

Willie Young Taunts Tom Brady

H/T Big Lead


  1. I am a football ref in TX and the refs were right. The play was over and he continued to hold the front of Brady’s jersey. Not only that, he pulled Brady in closer and stuck his finger in his face. Besides that, I would have thrown a flag for his weak move. You play for the lions and are jumping bad on the other team’s QB? Boy sit down. I bet that sub-par DE would never try this with Gronk

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