LSU and Wisconsin Finalizing Series At Reliant Stadium, Lambeau Field



College Football teams have been playing a lot of neutral site games at NFL stadiums over the last few years and another series is just about official. Reports say that LSU and Wisconsin are finalizing a series at Reliant Stadium in Houston and Lambeau Field in Green Bay.

According to LSU’s associate athletic director Verge Ausberry:

“We still have some small details to wrk out but the contracts should be done next week. It took awhile but that’s how these neutral site games are. They’re in NFL stadiums and we have to go through the conference office and talk about TV rights.”

Wisconsin’s Gary Anderson also weighed in:

“So, it’s two tremendous conferences facing off against each other in a big time game early in the year…It’ll be a highly competitive game in a national spotlight, and that’s why kids play the game. It’s why we coach. When you’re at a school like the University of Wisconsin you want to be on the highest stage and play the best of the best. It’ll also help us in recruiting young men, especially and potentially in the south.”

I like this series a lot. Anytime we can get some high profile Big 10/SEC games in the regular season I am all for it, especially since they are talking about making these games the season openers.

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