Magic Johnson Responds To LeBron Not Having Him In His Top Three


LeBron James revealed his top three players of all time earlier this week, and read like a lot of list may with Jordan, Dr. J, and Larry Bird on top of Bron Bron’s list.

LeBron of course left out a lot of great players, and one such player who still has something of an ego, didn’t take to kindly to it.

Magic Johnson was left off that list, and was having none of it, taking to Twitter to let LeBron know what it really is.



Of course if rings were really all that mattered, then their would be no discussion about a top anything, because Bill Russell has 11 rings.

3 thoughts on “Magic Johnson Responds To LeBron Not Having Him In His Top Three

  • ….AS i have been saying for year Bill Russel is the best Defensive player and micheal jordan was the best offensive player.The best player all around has not been defined.

  • Magic played with at least 2 other HOFers. Kareem is the best big man in a lot of people’s mind. I could Avg 6 assists being the PG of the team he was on.

  • If Rings is all that counts, than Magic, Jordon, Dr.J , Kobe, and bird can not hold a candle to the greatest ring holder in the world, forever. His name is MR. Bill Russell who played for 13 years and won 11 Rings. Jordon won 6 rings in 15 seasons, not even close to what Bill done. Kobe has won 5 rings in 17 seasons again Kobe should not even be mentioned when comparing rings with Bill. There are no players who can come close to the greatest ring winner in the NBA. Plain and simple

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