Mark Cuban Says Bill Clinton is a Crazier NBA fan Than him

Bill Clinton


If Mark Cuban thinks you’re over the top when it comes the NBA, then you must be pretty nuts.

According to a story courtesy Pro Basketball Talk, the Dallas Mavericks owner, recently appeared on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, to discuss a variety of topics including the time he was invited to watch a NBA Finals matchup  with former American president Bill Clinton, only to be blown away by his uber-enthusiasm for the game.

Jay Leno: You also saw President Clinton.Mark Cuban: Yeah, the day got ever weirder. I have lunch with President Obama, then I’m supposed to go to Chicago to give a speech at this thing called the Global Initiative. That’s when the NBA Finals are going on. I’m thinking, OK I’m going to get to Chicago … where am I going to watch the game? I get another e-mail … it’s like President Clinton is going to be at the hotel, would you like to watch the game with him? Let me just tell you, people think I’m crazy watching a game. President Clinton puts me to shame. Oh, my god. He’s crazy, until Hillary walked in.

Bill Clinton probably has the most street credibility of any U.S president in history, just too much swag.

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  • Bill Clinton will always be the first black President in my eyes

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