Matt Garza Goes Off On A’s Shortstop Eric Sogard’s Wife After Loss

matt garza goes off on eric sogards wife


Matt Garza showed the true meaning of class by going after his opponent’s wife after a tough loss. Classy.

Matt Garza still remains one of the best pitchers in the game even after his transition from the NL Central to the AL West, as a member of the Texas Ranger.

In Garza’s first time going against the A’s, when he was still a Chicago Cub, he quickly dispatched of them allowing just four hits and 3 walks in 8 innings. This time around was not so memorable for Garza, as the A’s decided to do something totally different to shake up Garza by resorting to small ball tactics to advance runners and take advantage of Garza’s somewhat notoriously bad fielding skills.

Over the course of the game the A’s got a bunt hit, sac bunt, home run and a single in the span of Garza’s first 10 pitches. A’s put 3 runs on the board in the first inning and went on to win 4-1.

Sogard had his way with Garza throughout the entire game getting a sac bunt and then getting an RBI after a squeeze bunt in the 7th. Garza apparently couldn’t keep his frustrations to himself after the hard loss and afterwards he exchanged words with Sogard, what exactly was said he had brushed off to the media, then went on to say

“…They showed me how they were going to play and how they were going to attack me, and that’s fine. Next time, I’ll be ready. That’s it.”

After the game Sogard offered this gem to the media in reference to Garza:

“It’s kind of no secret that Garza has some trouble throwing to first sometimes,…Small ball is definitely a tool we have and can use. We scored, and anytime that happens he’s not going to be happy.”

Sogard wasn’t the only one who said something about Garza’s fielding issues, A’s starting pitching Jarrod Parker mentioned it as well, but as you’ll see below it was Sogard who would take all Garza’s fury.

Sogard’s wife Kaycee cheered on her husband’s team in a series of tweets:

Later on Garza decided to go on an epic twitter rant/meltdown in which he attacked not only Sogard but his wife–straight class here. Screenshots of the since deleted tweets were grabbed.

garzas tweet to sogard wife


Very classy, indeed.

He tweeted this, too…he’s a hurt man.

garza tweet


Oh but don’t worry he didn’t mean any of it cause he apologized, tweeting the following from his @gdeuceswild account, which if you haven’t guessed is private.

“Good night everyone”

I appreciate the love of baseball fans, sorry I let my competitive edge out, guess people thought athletes don’t care.Don’t like me don’t follow.”

Yeah, he’s a massive tool. Oh and the tried and true ‘don’t like don’t follow’ jab at the end–really making him seem so pleasant.

Sogard got the last laugh though

Just another case of old school baseball striking again. Garza hated being beat off small ball plays–bunt tactics and sacrifices, and because he’s this ‘big bad ace’ how dare a team be so bush league as to play non-traditionally. Oh please.

Get over yourself…



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