Matt Harvey Has A Torn Elbow Ligament, Could Require Tommy John Surgery

matt harvey torn elbow ligament


The poor Mets.

Mets ace and Cy Young candidate Matt Harvey will likely spend the rest of the season on the bench, as he has been diagnosed with a tear of his ulnar collateral ligament (UCL).

The results came via MRI on Monday and he will more than likely be shut down for the rest of the season, and will probably require Tommy John surgery to fix the damage.

At today’s press conference at Citi Field, Mets manager Sandy Alderson said he wouldn’t commit t putting Harvey on the disabled list, but did state  that he ‘wouldn’t expect him to pitch for the rest of the season’.

Harvey admitted to having felt tightness in his forearm for the last month or two, but it wasn’t until last Saturday that he felt something ‘alarming’.  Because the tear is partial, there’ s chance Harvey can avoid having surgery and recover through rehab, but the Mets will better determine their ace’s future after the swelling goes down.

Devastating blow for the Mets and Harvey, especially given the monstrous season he had.

H/T: USA Today