Matt Leinart Knows He Won’t Be In Buffalo Long


Matt Leinart has one foot in the door of retirement, and perhaps the Buffalo Bills are about to help make that decision a reality.

Leinart started for the Bills last night in their final preseason game, and he was god awful.  You really can’t blame Leinart though, he’s only been in Buffalo four days, and had to play so that week 1 start Jeff Tuel can remain healthy.

Leinart according to was distraught over his performance.

“Obviously it’s disappointing,” Leinart said. “You have an opportunity and you go out there and you really don’t play as well as you want to. I will not sit here and make an excuse. I could have played better and I didn’t.

“Obviously I was hoping to maybe get in there in the second half and kind of redeem myself. But you can’t turn the ball over in this league and expect to win.”

Leinart for his part sees the writing on the wall.

“I was thankful to be here, and we’ll see what happens. Obviously, you know, after that performance it can’t be anything good, I would think. But we’ll see … I had a fun week here.”