Matt Schaub Says ‘Super Bowl’ Is Next Step For Texans


Matt Schaub may not admit it, but he’s under an enormous amount of pressure to produce this season.

The Houston Texans have the necessary parts to make a Super Bowl run, but the most scrutinized player on the team will have to be at his best for the Texans to shake off consecutive first weekend exits in the playoffs.

Schaub understands what is expected of him, and hears the whispers of him possibly not being good enough to lead Houston to the promise land.

Schaub told that he was focused, and that “the Super Bowl was the next step for the Texans.”

“A Super Bowl “has to be the next step for us, and we just maintain the level of consistency to get there.”

“It was like unspoken,” Schaub said. “We just knew what needed to get done. We didn’t really need to say a whole lot but we did get together in groups to go over it.”