Miami Marlins Giving Away $1 Tickets to Diehard fans

marlins tix

The Miami Marlins are giving away $1 tickets to “diehard fans”. Why would any self-respecting pro team do this? Well the Marlins are currently 27 games back in the NL East and have struggled to fill the stadium all season. Just look at the picture below of a real live game.

marlins empty


Now how will they know if you are a “diehard fan”? Social media of course:

The Marlins are happy to offer a limited number of seats to our most loyal fans. Thank you for being a loyal social media follower and Marlins Insider email subscriber! It’s #DiehardFish like you that make this organization what it is. Thank you.

This offer may be redeemed by using the coupon code: HASHTAG for the game on Tuesday, August 20th versus the Los Angeles Dodgers. Please note, a $1 per ticket charge will apply to all orders.

The Marlins are a good source of comedy. It will go down as a great mystery of sports how they got the taxpayers to fund that beautiful but always empty stadium.