Michael Strahan Rents $20 Million Mansion

Michael Strahan is living very large, and we have the pictures to prove it. Him and fiancée Nicole Murphy are making no bones about showing the world just how lavish their banks accounts are by investing in fabulous 8 bedroom, 10 bathroom mansion…FOR RENT!

Yes, that is absolutely correct folks. TMZ is reporting that Strahan and Murphy recently sold their Bel Air mansion for a whopping $11 million, and decided to rent another extravagant mansion in Beverly Park worth approximately $20 million. No one knows for certain how much their monthly rent is, but what is known is that rental properties in this area average around $100K per month.

Clearly Michael and Nicole aren’t feeling the strains of a recession, but I would like to know the purpose for renting anything for $100K/month. Considering the mansion has 8 bedrooms, I’m thinking that Michael and Nicole sleep in a new room every night just so they can feel as though they’re getting their monies worth.

Michael Strahan