Mike Vick Struggles With Chip Kelly’s FlySwatter QB Drill



During 7 on 7 drills, there is no pass rush so coaches have to get creative with how they get their quarterbacks prepared for defensive lineman.  Eagles head coach Chip Kelly uses nets held up by staff that resembles large flyswatters.  This drill is used to mimic a defensive lineman defending a pass with arms extended in the air.  This is also a drill that Mike Vick struggles with, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.

“The first day Chip put them out there I complained about it, complained about it, and he said, ‘The more you complain, the more I’m going to keep it out here,’ ” Vick said. “I’ve got to deal with it and it’s been helping me. And now I don’t even pay attention to it.”

Nobody hits the nets more than Vick, and he was visibly frustrated during Eagles practice on Sunday.  While he showed his frustration, Vick sees this as a learning experience.  One that will make him a better quarterback this season.

Chip Kelly has yet to name a starter for Friday’s preseason game vs. New England, but stated he would make a decision after Wednesday’s scrimmage with the Patriots.