Mike Vick’s Wife Posts Sexy Bikini Photo

Eagles QB Mike Vick could probably never ask for a better woman than his wife, Kijafa. After waiting patiently for him while he was in prison, Vick finally decided to tie the knot recently to Kijafa. We knew who she was, but now Bossip.com reports that Kijafa has finally revealed more of herself to the world through Instagram. Just to start your Monday off the right way, here’s Kijafa Vick gentleman:


Since it’s only Monday, here’s some more to get you guys through the week:

Kijafa Vick

3 thoughts on “Mike Vick’s Wife Posts Sexy Bikini Photo

  • Mrs Vick has a nice body, I’m sure Mike is handling the hell out of that…good for them

  • Ghetto cut.

    • Why ’cause she’s a dark-skinned black girl? Cornball…

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