MLB May Never Know What Proof They Have On A-Rod

mlb doesnt have proof to suspend arod


Ball is back in A-Rod’s court.

Biogenesis whistleblower Porter Fischer has turned over the clinic’s documents to a grand jury. These were the highly sought after documents MLB tried to get their hands on and now may get a chance to.

Prosecutors are set on going after Biogenesis and its founder Tony Bosch for peddling banned substances to minors, and a slew of other crimes. With the vital documents in the hands of the courts it’s now looking grim for a private company like MLB to ever get sight of what’s in them.

MLB is at opposite ends with the courts, as they are in full cooperation with the very man they’re seeking out. Now we may likely never find out what exact proof MLB has on the players they suspended–including A-rod. Fischer has stated MLB allegedly offered him six figures to hand over the papers.

Doesn’t seem too unlikely, considering in July MLB tried to get a court order forcing Fischer to hand over the documents. It’s now looking like MLB doesn’t have enough to take to arbitration to build a solid case against Rodriguez.

Whatever ‘smoking gun’ they may have had is in now in the hands of a grand jury intent on criminally indicting the man MLB is fostering.

A-rod is sitting pretty right now.

H/T: Deadspin