More NBA Teams to don Unpopular Short-Sleeved Jerseys Next Season

NBA short sleeves

Why teams agreed to wear these short-sleeved abominations, is beyond me.

But according to a story by Kevin Zimmerman of SB Nation via Steve Kyler of Hoopsworld, NBA fans should be prepared to see more of the adidas short-sleeve jerseys, as five organizations have agreed to wear them as an alternate option and as many as 20 teams, have agreed to wear them at least once (Yay!).

A few NBA players have already expressed that the jerseys are not to their liking.

The look has been hit or miss across the league. Several players, including Indiana Pacers center Roy Hibbert and Phoenix Suns guard Kendall Marshall, have been critical of the jerseys. Hibbert issued a “keep away” message on Twitter when he heard news of the jerseys hitting Indianapolis, and Marshall begged for the Suns to avoid the trend — they didn’t and wore sleeved uniforms in the Las Vegas Summer League.

Even Warriors point guard Stephen Curry called the uniforms “ugly” after wearing them this season.