More Video Proof That Kobe And Jordan Have Similar Games (Video)


We’ve seen video instances in the past, where the similarities in Kobe Bryant’s and Michael Jordan”s basketball games leave you speechless.

Pro Basketball Talk has provided us with video #2 of the video’s that show just how similar and close the games are.  With Jordan being the GOAT, and having entered the league before Bryant, we are fully aware that the Black Mamba ripped his game off of Michael Jordan, which is not a crime.

Of course the one glaring similarity, is their footwork against opposing players down in the post.

Here, you decided for yourself.

3 thoughts on “More Video Proof That Kobe And Jordan Have Similar Games (Video)

  • this is no suprise to those who follow the NBA, everybody knows that kobe copied MJ down to the way he walks and even talks, would not be suprised if he researched how MJ takes a shit

  • Kobe will never be better than Jordan! Kobe will always be second best. If Lebron stays in beast mode and keeps winning championships, Kobe might be demoted to third.

    • kobe is not even 2nd best in my book , he is too one dimensional to be in my top 5, i mean other than score( at a horrible % compared to most legends) what other things does he do great ? he is not a great passer or rebounder , and is a terribly overrated defender.

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