NFL Banning ‘Bane’ Facemasks

nfl bans bane masks


The NFL is putting a stop to the ‘Bane’ face masks craze.

The terrifying face masks made all the rage by such players like  Justin Tuck and Darnell Dockett, are now no longer league approved. The NFL issued a memo stating that only players with medical clearance can wear them.

Justin Tuck and Chris Canty both have filed and have been approved medical clearance to continue wearing the fearsome head pieces. Canty suffered a serious eye injury in 05 and Tuck is nursing  a neck injury, and doesn’t want players to be able to reach inside his helmet and yank his head. Legit reasons.

But not all players have been so lucky, Robert Mathis and DeMarcus Ware had their requests denied.

While the Bane masks craze isn’t completely going extinct, the dreams of seeing fearsome defenses run up on the Quarterback ‘Dark Knight Rises’ style will only now exists in our dreams.

H/T: The Nose Bleeds