Notre Dame Can’t Spell ‘Fighting’ on Game Day Cups (Photo)



When a small high school in Alabama makes a spelling mistake at a sporting event, folks just laugh it up and blame it on slurs like ‘redneck’ or ‘poe dunk’. However, when one of the most academically prestigious universities in the country makes a spelling mistake, all anyone can think is the fate of the country’s educational system is far beyond repair. Yahoo Sports is reporting that Notre Dame has made such a snafu.

They ordered promotional cups for their season opener against Temple which was to say ‘Fighting Irish’. However, something in the printing department missed the memo that the word isn’t spelled ‘Figthing’.



I know someone at Notre Dame knows the correct spelling of the word; at least I hope. Maybe this was backlash for the Irish having a lack of fight in them in their last game against Alabama in the BCS Championship game.

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  1. Hilarious, you all are writing about typo’s on a Game Day Cup but typed this — “However, something in the printing department missed the memo”. Proofreading would do this site a world of good.

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