Oklahoma State Zach Craig Thought Cowboys Cheerleader Girlfriend was a Catfish


Twitter is the newest version of online dating, or so some people seem to think. These “some people” just so happen to include Oklahoma State safety, Zack Craig, and Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, Jordan Daigle. The story is your typical girl sees boy on TV and says to herself, “Hey he’s cute! I’ll follow him on Twitter.”

Yahoo Sports is reporting that’s exactly what happened. Daigle saw Craig when he went to the center of the field for an overtime coin toss versus Oklahoma. Jordan’s friends just happened to find out the lowdown on Zack, including his twitter name, and encouraged her to follow him. Of course, between all the catfish stories and the epic fail that was Manti Te’o’s girlfriend, Craig was skeptical that the person following him was really a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, but he decided to take a chance on the follow back.

Eventually, it led to messaging back and forth and the couple decided to meet up at the Heart of Dallas Bowl, which Oklahoma State played in. Craig said that his teammates weren’t buying it just yet when he said:

“They (his teammates) were kind of shocked when it happened. They really didn’t believe it at first. They thought, ‘Oh, you’ll probably hang out with her once and never see her again.’”

However, they did see each again and now they’re a serious couple. What does this prove folks?  Yes, you too have a chance with a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader if you get to flip a coin for a football game! Well, not really, but it’s a cute story nonetheless. I wouldn’t suggest banking all your dating dreams on Twitter, but maybe there is some hope for Twitter relationships after all.