Oregon RB Thomas Tyner Seen on Crutches


In the wake of Chip Kelly leaving the Oregon Ducks, all eyes turn now to new coach Mark Helfrich to see if he can carry on the legacy that Kelly started. Everyone knows that Oregon shines in the speed of their backfield, and it seems they have suffered a major loss in that department. CBS Sports is reporting that five-star true freshman Thomas Tyner was seen leaving the facility on crutches and wearing a boot.

 Helfrich doesn’t seem to be phased by the news. When asked about it, he responded by saying:

“To my knowledge, he’s 100 percent. The protective boot business is a good business.”

If it is indeed true that Tyner is as hurt as the pictures are suggesting, the Ducks are still sitting pretty with De’Anthony Thomas and Byron Marshall. The potential injury is a bigger detriment to Tyner, since Oregon is so loaded at his position. The last thing any player wants is to get hurt and have someone else shine enough to make his absence not even a big deal.

Tyner was expected to make an immediate impact for the team and would have seen playing time this year. Now it’s a waiting game to see if there is even an injury.