Oscar De La Hoya: I Beat Mayweather, Canelo Alvarez Will KO Him In 8


Oscar De La Hoya is enjoying life as the top power broker in boxing.  De La Hoya, and his Golden Boy Promotions are home to boxing’s elite right now.

Golden Boy Promotions is set to put on “The One,” the highly anticipated showdown between Floyd Mayweather Jr., and Canelo Alvarez.

De La Hoya may be the promoter, but he still hasn’t forgotten the loss to Mayweather that may have essentially ended his career.

De Le Hoya was asked about the epic show he’s about to put on, and confidently told Boxing Scene that he’ll “be shocked if Canelo doesn’t knockout Floyd out in 8 rounds or less.”

“Mayweather got the decision but I feel that I beat him. Canelo is so calm and mature. Nothing gets to him. He is focused. I tell him to stay focused. And keep pumping your jab. That is the key. My world changed after I beat Chavez. Canelo is experiencing the glory and ahead of his time. If he doesn’t knock Floyd out in less than eight rounds, I will be very surprised.”

I get the feeling Oscar is living through Canelo or anyone who can hand Floyd his first L, and prevent Floyd Mayweather from going down as perhaps the greatest of all time, pound for pound.

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  • I don’t care what that cocaine sniffing cross dresser says. I predict Mayweather will win by unanimous decision!

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