Pacers Head Coach Says A Stronger Roy Hibbert Should Dominate NBA


Roy Hibbert is working out with Tim Duncan, lifting heaving weights, and feeling good about the 2013 NBA season.  Hibbert posted this picture of himself, extremely bulked up on Instagram.


Pacers head coach Frank Vogel has seen his bulked up big man and is excited about the prospect that may come.  Vogel spoke to, and says that “a stronger, bulked up Hibbert should dominate the NBA.”

“I think he’s got some photographers from Men’s Fitness on there doctoring them up or something because he looks pretty big in those pictures, doesn’t he? Naw, I’m just kidding. I saw him yesterday in my office. He’s really bulking up and really excited about just being even more of a physical presence, especially on the offensive end — really pounding defenders down low and playing our identify of smash-mouth basketball.”

Hibbert averaged 17.0 points and 9.9 rebounds while dominating the Heat, and if he can translate this new-found strength into that type of constant production, look out.