Patriots to Possibly Keep Tim Tebow Around For Sentimental Reasons



I’ve met Tim Tebow three times and from those three occasions I can see why people would want him to succeed. The reality of the situation is that he isn’t the best of quarterbacks and if his name wasn’t Tim Tebow he would have been out of the NFL a long time ago.

But, the reality is that his name is Tim Tebow and that is affording him opportunities, even if they are for sentimental reasons.

Granted for the person who gets cut because they want to keep Tebow around it will suck, but just being honest here, his presence makes things a little more interesting to me at least, plus I can play this video.


  1. All about them page clicks.

    Step one, find innocuous tweet, step two, post YouTube video. Boom article done.

    BSO–The journalism is strong with this one.

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