Peyton Manning Did His Best To Recruit Randy Moss to Tennessee (Video)


Peyton Manning never truly had the success he wanted at the University of Tennessee.

Manning finally won a SEC title as a senior, but eventually lost to Nebraska and Tom Osborne during the 1998 Orange Bowl. The question remains though, what would have happened had Manning been able to play with an elite wide receiver.

Manning recently told Fox Sports that he tried to get one of the best high school wide receivers in history to join him in Knoxville.

Manning admitted that he did his best to sell Tennessee to Randy Moss, but Moss wouldn’t take the bait. ¬†Moss of course initially was supposed to attend Notre Dame, before going to Florida State.

After some more problems, Moss eventually would land at Marshall, and the rest is history.

Could you have imagined a Manning to Moss combination at UT?